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The Oley Valley Football Alliance (OVFA) Athletic Code of Conduct establishes standards by which student athletes are expected to conduct themselves as representatives of the organization. Parents are expected to discuss these regulations and consequences with their student athletes so that informed and appropriate decisions about behavior are made.

The OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct sets a high standard because of the organizations desire to help protect the health, safety and welfare of all players and community members. The OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct applies to all athletes. A player is deemed to be an athlete for purposes of the OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct once the player is registered with the OVFA. The strenuous nature of athletics and the rigors of competition demand that a high standard of behavior on the part of athletes be maintained at all times. Furthermore, the OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct provides parents with support in dealing with potential problems with their student, and it provides incentive for the athlete to deal appropriately with negative peer pressure.

The OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct applies to behavior that takes place ON OR OFF official grounds. These violations may take place at ANY TIME during the athlete’s enrollment with the OVFA. It applies to all athletes, on or off school property including, but not limited to, organization sponsored/sanctioned events on or off official grounds, and private activities or events.

Consequences for violating the OVFA Athletic Code of Conduct will be in effect for non-league, league, and championships.

 As an OVFA athlete, I will:

· 1 - Demonstrating positive attitude athletes are expected to show a positive, respectful attitude for everyone involved in the sport. Criticismand disrespect for officials, opponents, coaches or fans undermine the purpose of sport and encourage behavior contrary to the spirit of the game and the mission of OVFA.

· 2 - Setting a good example, each athlete associated with OVFA is accountable for his/her own behavior at all times on or off the field of play. OVFA will not tolerate conduct that is detrimental to the sport, the participants, or the community. Such conduct includes: Vulgarity by players; harassment or belittling of officials, coaches or players; verbal abuse, threats or physical violence toward anyone before, during or after a game; and the taunting of opposing players, coaches and parents. We require thorough self-restraint by all participants. Athletes must exercise appropriate control over those who fail to control themselves.

· 3 - Maintaining good relationships:

o    Officials - The referee's job is a difficult one. All referees are human and they do make mistakes. Athletes who believe their team has been treated unfairly or has been assigned an unqualified referee should speak to their coach after the game.

o    Opponents - Athletes are required to maintain a sense of fair play and be respectful of opposing players, coaches and fans at all times. Sportsmanship begins with respect. Without it, the positive competitive environment, which should be a perfect classroom for learning the values of football, is completely undermined. Occasionally we will encounter opponents who do not share our values and if we allow ourselves to be drawn down to their level, we will have lost regardless of the final score.

o    Our Own Team - In an environment where athletes are competing not only against other teams but also frequently against each other, it can be difficult to control jealousies and rivalries. A successful team resembles a family in that members put their own needs second, behind the greater good of the team. Great care must be taken not to undermine the coaches’ authority.

· Play the game for the game’s sake, and not just to please my parents or coach.

· Be modest and generous when I win and gracious when I lose.

· Respect the game of football and its laws, learn these laws and try to follow them, and play the game fairly.

· Work for the good of my team and give my best effort at all times.

· Show respect for the authority of the referee, even though I will sometimes disagree with his/her calls.

· Show good sportsmanship before, during, and after games. I understand that football is a game, and that the players on the other team are my opponents, not my enemies.

· Conduct myself with honor and dignity and treat other players as I would like to be treated.

· Help my parents and fans understand the laws of the game so they can watch and enjoy the game better. I will be sure they understand that dissent is not permitted.

· Control my temper and not retaliate, even if I believe I have been wronged.

· Not use or possess tobacco, alcohol, or illegal or performance-enhancing drugs.

· I will refrain from Unlawful, unsportsmanlike conduct or Delinquent Behavior.

· Attendance–Truancy:  athletes are expected to attend all of their practices and avoid truancy. The coach reserves the right to limit athletic participation in cases of truancy or non-attendance at practice.


I understand,

· Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Other Unacceptable Behavior: Unsportsmanlike conduct and other unacceptable behavior are subject to an appropriate penalty at the discretion of the coach and/or the OVFA president, taking into consideration the seriousness of the offense, any harm or injury to person or property, the remorse of the athlete and any other relevant factors.

· Violation of Team Rules and Regulations: Coaches may establish rules and regulations, subject to the approval and review of the OVFA president.

· I will accept responsibility for maintaining good conduct and behavior.

· Failure to conduct myself responsibly, as stated and implied by the conditions in this Athlete Code of Conduct, may result in sanctions, up to and including suspension or dismissal from the team that may result in a financial cost to myself and my parents.


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