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OVFA Coaches Code of Conduct Form

OVFA Coaches Code of Conduct

Tasks to complete prior to interaction with any OVFA players/cheerleaders:

·       All coaches must obtain clearances through a Criminal and Child Abuse background check mandated by Pennsylvania law, and paid for by OVFA through the provided website. This includes FBI clearance for those who have not lived in the state of Pennsylvania for the past 10 years. 

·       Cheer Coaches are required to obtain and submit free certification of Heads Up training and Cardiac Awareness training offered through the designated websites prior to coaching. (Football coaches will receive this as part of their mandatory Heads Up certification)

                        Heads Up:

                        Cardiac Wise:

·       All Head Cheer Coaches  are required to obtain an AACCA Certification for Stunting

·       All Contact Football Coaches (grades 2-7th) are required to attend an in-person heads up clinic and must be Heads Up certified through BAYFL selected trainers.


·       I will remember that the game is for kids…not adults.

·       I/We will NOT slander the OVFA organization, Board Members, other Coaches, Players, Cheerleaders or Parents on any social media outlet. This includes but is NOT limited to: Facebook, Twitter, Email, Teamsnap, Instagram or YouTube.

·       Coaches shall be aware of the Laws of the Game and shall adhere to the letter and spirit of the Laws of the Game.

·       Coaches shall become aware of and comply to the rules, policies and procedures of OVFA and the 

BAYFL/BAYCL regarding player and team eligibility, team formation, and recruiting.

·       Coaches shall instruct players on the Laws of the Game and to play within the spirit of the game at all times.

·       Coaches shall refrain from “running up” the score against an opponent. This includes keeping in the first offense or defense at all times.

·       Coaches must be present prior to the start of events to ensure players/cheerleaders can be dropped off safely.

·       Coaches are responsible to stay with their players/cheerleaders after a practice/game to ensure the safe delivery to parents/guardians.

·       Coaches are expected to attend ALL games and practices unless prior arrangements have been made with their head coach and/or the Football/Cheer Coordinator.

·       Coaches will ensure athletes line up in a respectful manor to shake hands with the opposing team and coaching staff.

·       Coaches shall afford to opponents the respect expected by the Law of Game and the spirit of BAYFL/BAYCL.

·       If an Assist or Junior Coaches has an issue, they need to first address the issue with their Head Coach. If the issue is not resolved, the mater can then be brought to the Director/Football or Director of Cheer Operations, if resolution is not achieved, the matter can be then brought to the VP or President.

·       Parent issues are to be discussed with the Head Coach only.  Assistant and Jr. Coaches are not permitted to address parent issues.  If the matter is unresolved, the matter can be then brought to the Director of Football/Director of Cheer. If still unresolved, the matter will then be brought to the VP or President. 

·       At no time is a Coach to endorse “talking behind the backs” of other Coaches or the OVFA Board of Directors.

·       Coaches will always accept the decision of the game officials and judges on the field and in the competitions as being fair and called to the best ability of the officials.

·       Coaches will never permit any ineligible players/cheerleaders to participate in a game or competition.

·       Coaches will always remove any player/cheerleader from a game or competition if there is even a slight doubt regard the health of the player/cheerleader.

·       Coaches will not use drugs or alcohol while at a youth sports events and will not attend, coach, officiate or participate in a youth sports event while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

·       Coaches will not engage in the use of profanity or encourage my players/cheerleaders or any other person to do so.

·       There will be no ball playing of any kind in any area of the building or school grounds, other than the designated practice/event area.

·       Indoor gym rules; no food or drinks including water are allowed in the gyms, only athletic shoes, no cleats.

·       The gymnasiums are to be left clean, with any garbage picked up, and the equipment returned to its designated place.

Ethical Responsibilities:

·       I will not encourage players to violate any Law of the Game or any rule of competition established by BAYFL/BAYCL.

·       I will treat each player as an individual, remembering the large range of emotional and physical development for the same age group.

·       I will not engage in any behavior which would endanger the health, safety or well being of any coach, parent, player, participant, official or any other attendee nor encourage my child or any other person to do so.

·       I will not initiate a fight or scuffle with any coach, parent, player, participant, official or any other attendee or encourage my child or any other person to do so.

·       I will not engage in any physical or verbal confrontation with any opposing player, coach, referee, or supporter.

·       I will accept the responsibilities of team leadership and shall be accountable for the conduct of the players, team officials, and spectators affiliated with their teams.

·       I will always remember that I am a youth coach, and that the game/program is for the child and not the adult’s lust for glory. 

·       I will promise to review and practice the basic first aid principles to treat injuries of my players/cheerleaders.

·       I will be responsible for cleaning up their area immediately after their game to ensure a quick transition between games.

·       I will not engage in unsportsmanlike conduct with any coach, parent, player, participant, official or any other attendee nor encourage my child or any other person to do so.

·       I will not seek unfair advantage by teaching unsporting behavior to players.

·       I will not encourage, condone, or tolerate inappropriate behavior from players in any situation.

·       I will not discourage, deter, or deny players the right of advancement to participate in training or competition at a higher level.

·       I will not encourage, condone, or permit any player to engage in conduct with the intent of causing injury to an opponent.

·       I will not encourage, condone, or permit any player, team official, or surrogate to violate any bylaw, rule, or policy of OVFA or BAYFL/BAYCL.

·       I will treat all coaches, parents, players, participants, officials and any other attendee with respect regardless of race, creed, color, national origin, sex, sexual orientation or ability. I will encourage my child to also do so. 

·       I will place the needs of the participants ahead of a personal desire to win.

·       I will not engage in verbal or physical threats or abuse aimed at any coach, parent, player, participant, official or any other attendee nor encourage my child or any other person to do so.

·       As a Head Coach, I will work directly with their football and Cheer Administration to keep their rosters up to date with added and removed athletes.


            1st - Verbal Warning

            2nd - Mandatory Meeting with the OVFA designated Board Members before the next game.

            3rd - Immediate removal of Coach and/or child from the youth sports program.


*each situation will be handled on an individual basis.

*multiple offenses can lead to further disciplinary action.

* In severe cases, we reserve the right to proceed directly to the third consequence.

* Any activity deemed to be negative to the child or organization not listed above will be addressed through the consequences listed above.

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